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A Quick update to let you know the Trolls are still here

The Tournament season is upon us again! unlike previous Years the Trolls have not run their usual Post Christmas Winter Wonderland event in January and so it has been a quiet couple of Months at TrollManor. This has enabled the Trolls to catch up on some army building and general sorting out of the Dojo, to the extent that the Trolls can now host games on evenings and with the opening of the guest Wing, at weekends! With this in mind a new BBQ has been purchased. But onto all things Kings of War!

After their lacklustre performance at the end of last season the new Northern Free Dwarf Army is poised to enter the fray. Although the Army is all but finished, with just a couple of models and bases to complete, the amount of practise games has been low. A lot of advice has been sought and the Army has only been changed slightly to accommodate some new ideas and take advantage of some of the changes from Clash of Kings 24. The minimal changes are also part of the new philosophy of list building based on this excellent Blogpost HERE. With the amount of commuting the BeerTroll now has to undertake and thanks to the handy Bluetooth headphones that Trollette purchased for him, the BeerTroll has been able to devour Kings of War Podcasts over the past couple of Months. Counter Charge , Mantic Universe Podcast , Newbie Dice and Direct Misfire have been listened to and absorbed, the only issue being that the BeerTroll would probably be better off playing in the US meta instead of the UK, but that remains to be seen. After a healthy dose of List builders studios and listening to the “Scrying Gems” describing their thoughts on the US meta ( Ideally we could do with a UK version to get together and discuss the State of play in the UK – suggestions on what to call this Think Tank Panel in the UK gratefully accepted) the BeerTroll is itching to see what the UK Season has to bring.

As the last few models get painted their first run out of the Year will be back in Liverpool at the Kings of Liverpool event, this is always a great event and will be the third the BeerTroll has attended , all the stops are being pulled out for this to allow the Free Dwarfs of Bowland to burst back onto the Tournament scene after a couple of Months absence. The T.O. Ged has been busy building the terrain for the event based on Rob Phaneuf’s standard Template format and the Trolls are very interested to see how it performs on the tabletop so there will be an After Action Report in the next couple of weeks detailing the Raven Clans performance and the Terrain in use. Terrain is one of those things that every Wargamer needs, but there are as many different opinions about what is ideal terrain as there are wargamers lol. Post Tournament Feedback has allowed the Trolls to improve their terrain , as has traveling to lots of different Tournaments but at the end of the Day the Trolls will build terrain that fits into their ideals of how the tables should look at Tournaments while still balancing the ideals of playability , durability and portability ( PDP for short) As the Trolls terrain has been known to travel long distances to take part in Tournaments, PDP is a vitally important set of criteria to consider. Mastercrafted Terrain is all very well and some will be featured by the Trolls as our home set up is completed, but when it comes to Tournament Terrain that is packed, shipped, unpacked and played on to be repeated multiple times, delicate and easily damaged is a no no , so PDP will be at the forefront of the Trolls agenda, at least until the Ex-Marmachine minimalist Brutes get their way with 2D terrain “Shudder” but hopefully this Troll will have failed his Regeneration rolls well before that happens. So expect a delve into some Terrain reviews,How To’s and highly opinionated don’t over the next few months HaHa !

As promised in a previous Bloggery there is to be an increase in Troll Media, new Podcast equipment has been purchased and a new PC is on its way to allow the Trolls to once more invade the Bandwidth of the unwary with Trollcasts and content. Hopefully filling a gap in the UK Kings of War scene at the moment and hopefully improving the quality of the pictures on this humble Blog at the same time, Also the BeerTroll is being beaten enough that he is learning new IT skills so the overall Blog may improve as well as he learns how to do more clever computer stuff!

On the Armies Front, the Free Dwarfs latest incarnation is nearly completed, Trollette’s New Northern Alliance army is well underway and the Commission painting order book is looking Healthy for the foreseeable future. This Years big undertaking for the Hobby will be in the area of Tabletop Terrain as the Trolls rework and increase the amount of Terrain they can field in order to support the muchly enlarged Clash of Kings Tournament later this Year, with the Trolls commitment increasing by 25% to help the 200 player event to be a success. The Whole build is also going to be used as an opportunity for the Trolls to showcase their terrain talents with more “How To” Bloglets along the Lines of the Swamp builds from last Year.( )Also in the works is a blog on Multibasing utilising a new overhead camera that arrived courtesy of a very good friend of the Trolls.

With the lighter evenings and warmer days approaching, the Trolls are likely to be more active, however, with the reduction in the number of Tournaments being attended the content of the Blog may be more Hobby related rather than Army related but that is no bad thing I suppose.

Well the Trolls are signing off for a little as this is the fourth Blogpost in a week and small Trollish brains overheat easily. So until the next time …. Adios Amigos !


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