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Bit of a Filler

There is supposed to be a point to Blogs isn’t there?

I thought so when I started, but now find myself planning less Blog posts and doing more rambling onto word Docs. I have had several attempts to write deep meaningful commentaries or light hearted puff pieces on the state of the Kings of War Hobby as I perceive it, but to no avail, they either get deleted on a re-read or forgotten and ignored on the hard drive of my notebook. I have initiated several Blog posts with the intention of producing a series of linked posts but a quick scan of the Free Dwarfs of Bowland website will soon reveal the seemingly random collection of posts I have accumulated over the past couple of years. So here is my latest post, a way of laying out the store for the Blog. It will continue to be Chaotic and infrequent, sometimes polished, most times raw and unapologising, but mostly it will be a reflection of my approach to Kings of War as it ebbs and flows within my Life, sometimes a distant backdrop but mostly a throbbing, hard driving factor in my otherwise drab and mundane existence ! There will be more content coming, but as to the structure of the content or any sort of sense that you, gentle reader, may desire, that I cannot be held to or indeed be beholden to myself for the production. But rest assured the output will increase, both on the Blog and on the Youtube Channel (what do you mean you haven’t seen a TrollCast? – ) due to the need to increase the reach for Kings of War in this small corner of England that the Trolls Live in. The Trolls have plans for Ambush and local events in conjunction with a FLGS that opened recently and there will be increased Media for these and more things to do with Kings of War in particular and the World of Mantic Games in General, there may even be some Deadzone and Firefight content worming its way into the Free Dwarfs of Bowland Blog page and possibly onto the Trollcast Channel too. If we can get it together and find all the stuff, some Armada Naval battles and articles could poke a nose out of the shadows to add more content too and a one-stop round up for North-western players is also planned to keep the locals in the loop so to speak.

So it turns out there was a point to this Blog after all !

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