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Daub a Horde Part Deux

Once the bulk of the list , the four regiments of Brock Riders, were out of the way , it was on to the mundane, a horde of Ironwatch rifles and three Organ Guns.

The Ironwatch rifle horde would be 24 models strong for the simple reason that I only had 24 models. They were sprayed matt black and then given a drybrush of Cotes'd'Arms Gun Metal , Vallejo Oily Steel and GW Mithril Silver as I hate painting armour after clothing. Then I painted what little flesh there was with the Wargames Foundry Oriental Flesh Triad and all the beards were painted with Cotes'd'arms Roan Horse colour and highlighted with a mix of this and white.the Yellow and Turquoise uniform was achieved via GW Averland Sunset , Flash Gitz Yellow and Yriel Yellow and the Wargames Foundry Turquoise Triad. The boots, gloves and belts were painted in Coates'd'arms Wood and highlighted in GW XV-88. Thiese methods were also used to paint the Organ Guns and crews, except that the metalwork was Vallejo Tinny Tin , Bronze then Brass and Wargames Foundry Imperial Purple was substituted for the Turquoise.

The bases were handled in the same way that the Brock Regiments were except that the Infantry were glued to the base prior to the sand being added so their little circular bases would be covered.

Then the bases were painted as per the Brock Regiments and matching tufts applied.

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