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Honour the Brave

As part of the Narrative background being developed for the Free Dwarfs and their erstwhile opponents I decided that I needed some Abyssal Dwarf Characters. As the Full title of my Abyssal Dwarf Army is Azghars Hellforged Legion of Brass, I already had the Big Bad , but I can't trot him out for every skirmish that the Abyssal Dwarfs fight and so I needed some Mid Ranged Characters. I wanted them to be despicable and a teeny bit comedic as well so I settled on the age old Formula of the incompetant schemers that get promoted above their capabilities by a result of some nefarious actions on their behalf. So with that in mind I give you the Origin Story of the New Characters for the Abyssal Dwarf Enemies of Bowland.......

Wolz jerked awake with a start and quickly glanced around guiltily, luckily for him Bernt hadn’t noticed him drifting off to sleep and was still intently watching his side of the wall from their lookout platform at the edge of the Abyssal Dwarf Slave encampment. Wolz shuffled his feet and concentrated on watching over the parapet, he could only see as far as the red glow from the fire baskets fastened to the outer wall went and all else was shadowy darkness until the pale line of the coming dawn in the far distance, Wolz knew that Bernt could see even less until the Dawn broke and was glad his colleague was more diligent than himself. Just at that moment there was a loud noise and a gust of evil smelling air wafted over Wolz. “Ooooh, I needed that” chuckled Bernt, lifting and shaking first one leg then the other Wolz choked and wafted his hand in front of his face “Sorry, did I wake you up” quipped Bernt over his shoulder and laughed. Wolz turned back to his sentry post” At least anybody trying to sneak up will think twice if they breathe that in” he said grumpily to which Bernt just snickered again. “‘tis not my fault they served Troll Meat again” he said between chuckles “it just keeps regenerating in my guts”.

“Are you sure one of the Slaves hasn’t crawled up there and died” Wolz grumbled.

 “Nah” Bernt retorted” they smell like that when they’re alive” and started himself off with a fit of chuckles again at his own wit.

Just at that moment there was another wet sounding noise ending in a long drawn out whimper , both sentries turned and looked at each other with wide eyes ”That wasn’t me “ whispered Bernt, then Wolz saw his comrade’s eyes glow like small coals as they reflected the light from a large explosion that came from the direction of the camp gates behind him on the western wall and he had a glimpse of Bernt’s stricken face, his mouth open in a wide O before he pulled him down to shelter behind the parapet.

“We are under attack!” Bernt yelped breathlessly” what do we do?”

“We defend our section of the wall until help arrives” Wolz said, pulling his helmet down over his ears and staring at the trapdoor access to the platform. “What about raising the alarm in the event of an attack” asked Bernt.

“What” said Wolz incredulously” What did you say”.

“The Overseer said we had to raise the alarm if we detected an attack” said Bernt, pointing to a large horn hanging from a nail on the side of the palisade wall.

“Seriously? I think they know at the Primus’s Office that there is an attack!” Yelled Wolz “We wait for help”.

At that moment they heard the flap of Leathery wings and a shrieking call as a creature from nightmare rose into view above their platform, its spindly long limbs thrashing as its large wings pulled it into the air, its lank hair surrounding its disgusting face which seemed to be all teeth and eyes as its wet mouth opened again to release another shrieking call.

“See, the Primus has released the messenger Gargoyle to summon help! We just need to wait and…”

As Wolz spoke there were several loud Cracks and the Gargoyle seemed to fold in on itself as large chunks were torn from its body and wings before it bounced on the edge of the parapet of the watchtower, showering them in blood and ichor, then it flopped wetly to the ground below.

“Arse” Wolz said and Bernt stared, wide eyed from below the brim of his brass helmet. “Lock the trapdoor, watch the Walls and keep bloody quiet” Wolz hissed. Bernt nodded numbly and gripped his short spear tightly.

When the relief Column of Darksouls reached the Slave encampment, they were surprised to find that two heroic members of the guard force had almost single handed managed to hold the camp against a raid of escaped Slaves, although the collapse of the Primus and his bodyguard had thwarted their efforts to prevent the Slaves from being liberated from this camp they had , nevertheless, earned the respect of the local Legion Commander and so, when the camp was reinstated with a larger guard force it was under the command of the newly appointed Primus Wolz and his second in command Bernt in their new shiny ceremonial Armour…..

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