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If You go Down to the Woods Today Part II

In the Aftermath of the Raid of the Abyssal Dwarfs into the sacred part of the Forest to steal the Hydras eggs and the near mortal wounding of their Guardian and Protector, the GladeWalker Druid Ozias Eltertouch, there was an uproar rarely seen in the peaceful glades and groves, the Green Lady's forces were initially in dissarray, with conflicting tales of invasion and raids abounding,in their fear and paranoia the Green Lady called on Her Herd Kindred to help them to turn back what could be an invasion of the Forest of Bowland. The Herd Chieftans responded by sending several warbands of their fiercest Warriors into the Forests South of the Wolf Fells, an area largely unknown to them.

These groups of warriors scoured the forests looking to destroy any invaders they found there.

At the same time a patrol of Free Dwarf Rangers is making its way through the familiar terrain of the Westward Marches of the Forest, expanding their search for the missing captives from Hofts farm and casting for the tracks of a Ratkin Warband recently reported in the area,this Patrol is blithely unaware of the atrocities that have been committed by their Abyssal Cousins and of the influx into the area of the rarely encountered Herd Warriors.

Thus is the situation when the Tribal Trackers of Acasius Heartshold spied the advanced Scouts of the Free Dwarfs Rangers of Captain Thorir Giantheart.

Thorir paused as he spotted the clearing ahead, although his Scouts had given him no warning of any enemies to their front or indeed of any tracks at all, he still had that old campaigners sense of something not quite right, he signalled to his second to take their troop up through a disused field and hold behind a wall while his troop moved up through a wood to the edge of the clearing, there they could hold while the Ravens scouted ahead. Then he could maybe shake off this feeling of being watched he was having. He turned to signal the supporting Shieldbreakers that made up the bulk of his company to advance up and support the Rangers, as they acknowledged Thorir saw the frantic signalling of the Raven riders, warning Thorir of "Enemy in sight" but what and who ?

As he saw the Signal Thorir heard a mighty roaring sound as a group of enormous bull headed Beasts charged into his Troop of Rangers swinging their axes, they were supported by a smaller group of bestial figures wielding bows and wicked knives that slammed into the flank of his Rangers,at the same time the Ranger Troop commanded by Otolf, his second, were confronted by wolfheaded beasts that appeared from the woods to their right, it was an Ambush ! Thorir watched in horror as both troops of Rangers were butchered in front of him , their light equipment giving them no protection from the crushing blows of their adversaries. Falling back and unleashing his crossbow, Thorir called his siegebreakers forwards to engage the enemy. This they did, charging the smaller troop of bow armed beasts but in their shock they inflicted only light damage on them. Meanwhile Thorir fired a volley of shots from his crossbow at the fiercesome Wolf Warriors who seemed confused as to where their wound were coming from and stood hesitating over the corpses of Otolf and his Rangers. Thorir heard the sound of his Raven Riders moving up behind him from their position on the left of the battlefield , but then heard the agonised cries of his Mastiffs as they were attacked. He again watched helplessley as the Bull headed Beasts attacked his Shieldbreakers in the Flank,killing all of them in frenzied combat before turning to face the Raven Riders now fast approaching and as they charged they were smashed from the air by the triumphant Beasts, with all of his forced now destroyed, Thorir attempted to retreat to give warning to his Clan but the swift Tribal Trackers caught him and held him in place long enough for the Scorchwing Bevy, fresh from their slaughter of the Mastiff Hunting pack, to attack Thorir and silence him forever.

The Scenario in this game was Dominate and the slaughter was brought about by One of the Trolls forgeting about charge angle and distances and the other Troll seemingly having dice immune to the effects of fighting over obstacles , the poor Free Dwarfs succumbed very quickly to the Rampant Herd and the Herd didn't realise that they hadn't even fought the correct Dwarf, will the destruction of this Free Dwarf Ranger patrol sour relations between the Free Dwarfs and the Green Lady ? that all remains to be seen as the campaign continues

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