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Mustering the Troops

The Brocks’N’Glocks list I had chosen to make was , as in my previous post, a direct copy of the list that came first at the 2019 Mantic Clash of Kings Tournament. I had all the models that were required to construct the army without needing to purchase any further miniatures. All that was needed was to decide on the paint colours and basing. The basing was to be as basic (lol) as possible for the sake of speed and initially I wanted it to match the bases of my Ogre army as they would be supplying the Horde of Shooters.

As the Army was considered to be “a bit nasty” and “not very nice to play against” I decided to make it visually “Fluffy” and ordered some nice flower tufts to place on the base just to make them nice.

The list called for 4 Regiments of Brock riders, I already had 30 models but decided for speed and sanity to do Minimum Model Count on the multibases for the army. Kings of war unit bases are sized according to the relevant number of models times the models base size so a Regiment ( 20 Models) of normal infantry (20mmx20mm) has a footprint of 100mmx80mm ( Four ranks of five models) but you are allowed to put less models on the base down to a minimum model count (MMC) of the next smallest unit +1 so our infantry regiment could have as few as 11 models ( Troop of 10 – next smallest unit down +1) however most players will try to exceed this MMC by a couple of models for aesthetic purposes.

I decided , given the size of the Brock rider models, that 6 to a base (MMC) was what I would do and for the Infantry Horde I had a total of 24 Ironwatch Rifle models so this is what would constitute the Horde. The 3 Organ Guns I had were sufficient and I just needed to designate a model for my Dwarf King with Wings of Honeymaze and my Berserker Lord on Brock with Blade of the Beast Slayer.

I had a set of “Leathery Wings” I had bought for another project and found an old GW Slayer model that they would fit on to become my “Wingy Kingy” and I had bought a Reaper Miniatures Dwarf Boar Rider (After playing Luke Fellows amazing Berserker Army at a Tournament which included two of these models) so that would become my Berserker Lord. The Mahou Tribe of Ogres would be providing an Horde of Shooters to aid their Dwarven friends.

This completed the models for the List that I wanted to use so all that remained now was to paint them.

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