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Origins of the Species

As revealed in the main blurb for the blog , the Free Dwarves of Bowland began life as a standard Dwarf Army for Kings of War.

The Army started life in 2017 when I was first introduced to Kings of War, one of my Clubmates had won a Dwarven starter army at a Warmachine Tournament and , finding out I was starting to play KoW, sold it to me at a nice price, I then added some eBay purchases of plastic sprues and my first Mantic metal Model , Sveri Egilax. I intended to build up the Dwarves whilst learning to play with my Kingdoms of Men Army ( Old Foundry Landsknechts repurposed) However the Kingdoms of Men mutated into Brotherhood and I played that for a Year before discovering Ogres which I played for a Year and the Dwarves were forgotten , languishing in a box , unpainted, for all this time.

Then came the announcement of the Third Edition release of Kings of War, with a reboot of the Army lists and rules. This brought about much speculation amongst the KoW Community in th UK to say the least. It also had an interesting (to me at least) side effect, between the Clash of Kings Tournament ( Mantics own celebration of all things KoW and the largest event in the UK) and the UK Masters ( an independent invitational Tournament for the top 16 players in the UK as determined by the KoW~Masters Ranking site - ) there was a period in which 2nd Edition would be played before the changeover to 3rd took place. The Army that won the 2019 Clash of Kings was a Dwarf Army consisting of Lots of Berserker Brock Cavalry and Shooting Dwarves , an Army that was considered to be hard to beat (and play) and there was a lot of discussion about how this army would not be workable under Third Edition.

So I calculated I had a Fortnight to paint and field this army , I would have some Fun before the change in Version consigned this army to the pages of infamy :)

The Brocks'N'Glocks were Born !

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