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Proud Shireness

The Picture at the top of this post is "Lucky Jim" a special character for the Pride of the Shire Tournament that the Free Dwarfs attended at the end of July. Held at Banbury Rugby Club , a venue we didn't realise was as South as it was when we booked , but only just out of our 2 hour travel , ahem.


The Tournament was a 1 Day Singles Tournament at 2200 points so slight adjustment was required for the Free Dwarfs as they had to shed 100 points from their lean fighting style and this was what they decided to take , following hot on the Heels of last months Northern Kings GT.

Also , as mentioned already , each Army had access to Luck Jim and there was a separate painting prize for the best one , Luckily I had been presented a magnificent Dwarf model by my Good Friend Carlos de la Flor from Madrid and it was just begging to be used , the result can be seen in the Header picture of this blog post.

The character had a rather amusing stat line and set of abilities as seen here

And bonus Tournament points were available for Killing your opponents "Lucky Jim"

We arrived at the Rugby club and after a nice relaxing breakfast of sausage rolls and Monster energy drink the days gaming commenced.

My First opponent wad the Empire of Dust , commanded by Matt , The game was going swimmingly for the Free Dwarfs and looked like a victory until my brain got caught in a loop resulting in me Timing out and giving the Victory to Matt. Not a good start at all !

Game two was against the 6 Regiments of Gladestalkers of Geoff , SIX ! However the Dwarfs took the advice of their Ancestors and ploughed recklessly across the table to engage the elves in melee as quickly as possible , this , coupled with some clever use of terrain , led to a defeat for the perfidious pointy ears , Yay for the Free Dwarfs.

Game three saw the Free Dwarfs facing an altogether different Elf army consisting of Palace Guard Hordes and Dragons led by Peter , luckily the Free Dwarfs held their nerve and managed to fight the Elven host to a draw , Another Tournament with out losing more than winning. This also resulted in gaining the KoWMasters award of "Thanos" by achieving the same number of Wins and Losses in one Tournament. It Also turns out I came exactly half way through the lists resulting in gaining a "CounterCharger " award - altogether an interesting tournament and a great day.

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