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Ranger Power

Mostly up until now the Free Dwarfs of Bowland have been fighting on the tabletop as an all mounted army of Brock Berserkers and Bears ( Allied FrostFang Cavalry from the Northern Alliance list) , this combination is fast moving and hard hitting with a degree of robustness brought about by its homogenous nature , all the Heros inspire Berserkers and all the troops are berserkers so inspiring coverage is good.

With the advent of the Clash of Kings updates in the new Halpi's Drift campaign supplement , which benefited Free Dwarfs to the tune of a new Living Legend Character and an increase in the spread of the "Tracker" keyword to Shieldbreakers, Levy Spears , Rifles and Crossbows in the Free Dwarf list this means the Ranger Captain and Herneas the Hunter can now inspire more troop types and so a more solid Ranger army build can be effected. With this in mind the "slow grow" aspect of my non Brock rider Free Dwarfs has been accelerated somewhat as I toy with the idea of dabbling into an infantry heavy Bowland Build. The thought of having a majority Pathfinder, shooty Dwarf army appeals to my sense of Irony and I already have an idea of allied units to include just to maintain the wails of anguish from the Pureblood Brigade on the KoW scene.

So firstly I have to expand the number of Ranger units in my Free Dwarfs from the current one to at least 3 , with this in mind I have created another two troops and another regiment of the cloaked warriors using spares from my growing collection of Dwarf sprues.

I have also commenced the building of a Banick Kholearm character ( the new living Legend from Halpi's Drift) the sharp eyed amongst you will recall ( if anybody actually does read these rambles) that I modelled a Banick Kholearm to afix to the base of my Craggoth conversion and I have now commenced to replicate this model but as a Flamepriest rather than the ranger he was before.

With this project underway I now need to write up the list and playtest the army , as it is a large departure from my normal play style it may take a while to get up and running but it will be a fun journey to see if I can make a Free Dwarf shooting based army work again under the Version 3 of the Kings of War rules.

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