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The Brock Clan of the Free Dwarfs of Bowland

The Brock Clan

The Brock Clan of the Free Dwarfs of Bowland are the remnants of the once might Clan of Berserkers that followed Sveri Egilax, the Berserker King of Cwl Gen.

They were a Clan of mighty warriors and doomseekers that strove to remove past shames from the memories of their original Clans, once they had submitted to the Red Rage they could never go back and be part of the normal Clan system upon which Free Dwarf Society is based.

Thus the Free Dwarf Berserkers formed loosely into a Clan identified by the name of the savage Mounts that the majority of them had tamed to ride, during the war against the Abyssal Dwarfs after the incident at Halpi’s rift, the Brock Clans troops had rallied under the leadership of a few mighty individuals to fight, one of them was Sveri Egilax, the mightiest of Berserker lords, another was Gardun Frostheart , a Berserker Lord famed for his unforgiving hate of Ratkin and their Abyssal Masters, indeed it was rumoured that his entire family had been devoured alive during one of the early attacks and this caused the formally mild mannered ( for a Dwarf at least) nobleman to shave his head , tattoo his body and carry his families heirloom axe to brutal war on the back of a Wild Mountain boar he somehow obtained, whatever brought about his transition he has remained one of the most effective war leaders the Brock Clan has ever known.

Not the entirety of the Brock Clan ride Brocks. Some have been dismounted by the death of their steeds and some never mastered the animals at all , these Berserkers form the foot regiments of the Brock clan , led by their famous leader , the berserker lord Yaskin Foritt, previous a famed Troubadour of the Halpi Mountains , travelling from Hold to Hold to entertain King and commoner alike , However in the early days of the Battles for the Halpi Mountains he left his caravan of fellow artistes for a Nocturnal Call of Nature and returned to find them all slain by a band of Goblins, Yaskin salvaged a pair of wings , a magical prop that allowed the actors to fly for short distances and embarked on a career of retribution, becoming famed throughout Pannithor as Wingy Kingy, the last sight many a perfidious Goblin has seen is the rainbow hued wings and striped trousers of this Mighty Warrior.

After the retreat from the Halpi’s Mountains the Brock Clan were vastly depleted due to the savage fighting of several vicious rear-guard actions the Clan had fought alongside Sveri and others to ensure that the bulk of the Free Dwarf survivors could get to safety. Only a small number of the Brock Clan made it to Cartref Newydd with the rest of the Free Dwarfs, however, once the Free Dwarfs were established in Bowland the numbers of Berserkers began to increase as the full impact of the loss of the Halpi Mountains took its toll on the Free Dwarf Survivors, driving many of them into the Red Rage and down the path of the Berserker and knowing that their brethren were already carving out a home for themselves on the Frontier of Estacarr they flocked to help them and to be with like-minded kin. Gradually over the past decade or so the Brock Clan has regained a portion of its previous strength and prestige amongst the Free Dwarfs of Bowland. The Brock Riders ability to move swiftly into battle and their obvious prowess once they are there is of immense use to the burgeoning Free Dwarf Realm and has helped them to maintain the borders of their new Home and establish themselves as a powerful force in the region. The Brock Clan even contribute to the Bowlanders Ranger Levy and the Free Dwarf Ranger Brock Riders are unique in the Free Dwarf world.

That is One of the Clans of Free Dwarfs that make up the Free Dwarfs of Bowland , Another is the Bear Clan and work continues apace on their part of the Army - Coming Soon


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