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The Future is Bright !

Typically I have embarked on a project just in time for there to be a major update in the rules, I just have a talent for blinkering myself and I completely forgot about Clash of Kings 24 and the fact that the shadowy and nebulous Rules Council for Kings of War might see fit to boost the Free Dwarfs with some tasty extra rules and units.

I would have carried on in blissful ignorance, at least for another week or so anyway, until the Clash of Kings book and Companion Update were upon us all if I hadn’t have had the spare time at a weekend to Listen to a Podcast , Countercharge to be precise, normally nothing I would go out of my way to do as it is almost uniquely American or Antipodean in style and content and there is only so much I can hear about the US/Aussie Masters before my nascent Union Flag Waving Inner Patriot starts applying himself.

However this Podcast was about the coming changes to the Dwarf/Free Dwarf Army list in the new Clash of Kings 24 update, so I sat painting a large number of 3D printed Dwarf Mastiffs for my new army and listened to the Chaps from across the pond discussing the Changes to the Dwarf Army List and by default to the Free Dwarf Army List too.

So, Golloch sponsored Propaganda aside (and there was a lot of it) I took some notes and have since cogitated on what the changes could mean for the Brock Clan of the Free Dwarfs.

All Infantry is gaining the Ordered March Rule – this basically means that the little lads can move at the Double and make 1 single pivot of up to 90 degrees around the centre of the unit. This rule means that Free Dwarf infantry with Pathfinder can now move, basically the same as a Cavalry unit, with an 8” move and single pivot! It is not Nimble and can only be used At the Double but it makes a whole new world of manoeuvre open up to the Free Dwarf Infantry.

Shieldbreakers gain a points hike but also become CS(2) as standard , my Reader will know that I have little love for these chaps, even though I have three regiments for the formation, but now I feel , with the ordered March , Pathfinder and CS(2) plus the support of an Army Standard bearer(see below) they could become a useful unit to field in the future.

Ironwatch become one unit choice, you now just pay a points upgrade to make them pierce(2) as rifles , but the Pot Shot rule is rumoured to be changing so there may be a use for that Horde of Rifles I painted up in the future, or maybe not.

Free Dwarf Army Standard Bearers now become Very Inspiring instead of just Inspiring and gain the Rally(1) rule , this will make them very attractive now as a Single ASB can look after a few units and who doesn’t like extra Nerve on those Foot Regiments? The fact that the ASB can take an Artifact as well means that you could stick the Lute of Insatiable Darkness on him too and he can be a lovely booster for an infantry Battleline indeed.

Stone Priests now come as a basic profile and all his spells have to be paid for , this makes the little guy more of a “Toolkit” that can be adapted to fit the make up of the army as opposed to having to have unused spells on the Priest if not using Elementals. Looking forwards to seeing all the available options when it comes out.

Free Dwarf Brocks get Pathfinder as standard – this one I thought I heard right – that they don’t need to pay for the upgrade is a good thing but they don’t get the same as the Imperial brocks – they get the same vengeance rule that Foot Berserkers get (+1CS on the Countercharge) but ability to have terrain mitigation and an Artifact on the Brock Units is Huge as I have found over the past couple of Years of using the Free Dwarfs and the Brock Heavy build is still my favourite option.

STONECLAWS ! the same Frostclaw models that has the Northern Alliance players frothing is coming to the Free Dwarfs as Stoneclaws, they lose Fury and Ice Runes but gain Pathfinder for 5 points more and they retain the shooting attack. Thunderous(2) Melee 3+ and Pathfinder coupled with Fly and Nimble is amazing! Just what the Clans ordered! A couple of Regiments and characters are already limbering up to get ready to join the Raven Clan of the Free Dwarfs in their next campaign.

All in all its looking excellent for the Free Dwarfs for the future, but always we have to remember that, as good as the buffs to the Free Dwarfs are, they are not going to be comparable to the already good armies that also get some buffs in the same Clash of Kings Update. This doesn’t really matter to me as I will now be spending my game time allowance integrating the new changes into the Free Dwrf army and , hopefully, boosting their performance out of the doldrums they have recently been in, as everybody will be in a state of flux ( except the Playtesters and RC who will already have finely tuned armies ready to go no doubt) there is a good chance for some interesting Tournaments ahead.

So this was just a quick update after I heard about the Changes , there will still be the rest of the Articles on the Free Dwarf Build although it may change direction a bit more radically now that there are some new things to consider. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Blog updates as I get the Free Dwarf Raven Clan ready for next Years Kings of War Season in the UK.

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