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Who do the Free Dwarfs fight ?

The Free Dwarfs of Bowlands main antagonist is the rather grandly named "Azgars Hellforged Legion of Brass" an Abyssal Dwarf army created by the Supreme Iron Caster Azgar Ungrimm and led by his Brother Uzgar Ungrimm (pictured above on his ancient winged halfbreed during a recent battle)

The Legion consists of Azgars Immortal Guard , some Blackhearts that follow the Brothers and a host of Azgars un-natural creations. Uzgar is also very fond of big explosions and so Mortars and guns make up a large part of the Legion. the Legion itself has now started to encroach on the Forest of Bowland from the North and so a series of battles and subsequent reports will soon become available to mention :)

Some of the Legions Troops

Immortal Guard

Abyssal Dwarf Halfbreeds

Abyssal Dwarf Grotesques

Abyssal Dwarf Blackhearts

Abyssal Dwarf Mastiff Regiment

Abyssal Dwarf Obsidian Golems

Abyssal Dwarf Angkor Mortars

There will be more detail to follow :)

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