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A Brief Background of the Free Dwarfs of Bowland

When the great Dwarf Hold of Cwl Gen in the Halpi Mountains fell to the Abyssal Dwarves , while it was Sveri Egilax that led the last defenders to buy enough time for the Free Dwarfs to escape across the great chainway into Abercarr, the bulk of his folk were led into safety by his daughter , Bleu Sveridottir.

The Free Dwarfs led by Bleu made their way Eastwards after their scornful treatment at the hands of the haughty Imperial Dwarves of King Golloch, They were granted the use of a long disused hold on the shores of the High Sea of Bari near to the Mountains known as the Sorrows. The hold itself was long disused and partially collapsed forcing most of the Free Dwarfs to live in dwellings built on the surface amidst the ruins of the magnificent halls and galleries which were now unroofed and open to the skies.

Quickly the Free Dwarfs began to settle into their new home and to establish themselves in the mountains themselves.

Free Dwarf Rangers patrol the forests to the North of the hold to ensure that none of their Dark Cousins can surprise them from that direction, the Bowlanders were quick to discover an Abyssal Dwarf Outpost located in a wasteland crater to their North East and a constant vigil is kept on these depraved creatures while the Bowlanders marshall their strength to eradicate them once and for all.

Humans live to the West and South of the Bowlanders in the Free City of Tyrsis which is protected by the famous Border Legion stationed their and in the settlements of Wallsend and the outlying Tower of Blackmere, some contact is maintained with these settlements to facilitate trade and keep abreast of world news. The Basilean Colony of Priest Town remains aloof from all the surrounding settlements and contact is minimal, but it is thought to be defended by a substantial army backed by Magic Users.

To the South East there is the mysterious Bone Tower , where a powerful Necromancer is rumoured to live, although the Free Dwarfs have not yet explored past the Witch and Warlock Mountains due to the evil Humans that live in the area.

It is also rumoured that there are tribes of Ogres and Red Goblins in the Mountains to the East that sometimes venture to the coastal plain but these are , as yet , unconfirmed.

More will be revealed as time passes.

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